Buy VR Headsets – How to Choose a VR Headset

Before you select a VR headset there are quite a few things to consider; follow these tips on how to choose a VR headset.

Plug-in or Stand-alone

A plug-in or tethered headset connects to a PC or games console and it will consist of a custom display screen, lenses and motion sensors. These are good for high end gaming and are more realistic but will set you back a lot of cash.

Stand-along or mobile headsets are much cheaper, completely wireless and you just put your phone inside; you really can take them anywhere.


Before you buy, check that your PC or phone has the appropriate hardware to go with your preferred VR headset. You will need a lot of RAM, a big enough processor and appropriate graphics. The headset product details should list which PCs and phones are suitable or at the very least, the hardware requirements.

Picture Size

The picture size or field of view is what you see when you wear the headset, for a fully immersive experience, get the widest possible. Try to avoid the cheap ones with narrow fields of view.


Prices vary from around $50 to close on $1000 so there should be something to suit every pocket.


A really heavy headset will become incredibly tiring if you use it for long periods of time but design is a factor and those with better distribution and well placed straps will be more comfortable. The shape and size of your own head and face with also have a bearing on comfort, so try before you buy.

Google Cardboard QR Code

Check whether your preferred headset is Google Cardboard compatible and if it is, does it have a Google Cardboard QR Code? If not, you may only be able to use it through a specific app and if you don’t you are likely to get a distorted image.

Do you wear spectacles?

If you do wear specs then check that the headset will comfortably fit over them.

How is the headset controlled?

Some can be controlled by external sensors and some a handheld device. Make sure that the control is accessible and easy to use.

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