3D VR Headset with Remote Controller, TSANGLIGHT 3D VR Glasses, Virtual Reality Headset VR Goggles for Movies Games for 4.0-6.0” IOS/Android Smartphones, Eyes Protective Virtual Reality Glasses Box

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3D VR Headset with Remote Controller, 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset VR Goggles for Movies Games for 4.0-6.0" iOS/Android Smartphones iPhone X 8 7 Plus Samsung S9 S8 S7 Edge

3D VR Headset with Remote Controller

1. 3D Home Cinema: Great goggles to experience the realistic thrilling 3D virtual reality world, put you into the scene of 3D games, movies, roller coaster, surfing, diving etc in a second
2. Large FOV: 95 degree, the large and comfortable FOV to experience virtual reality
3. Spaces on both sides of VR headset for data line, earphones to turn it into a private 3D IMAX theater
4. Windows on the cover for better ventilation
5. Size: 190*120*110mm
6. Weight: 350g
7. Bluetooth Remote: powered by 2 AAA batteries(not included), it's a free gift to get some convenient control of your phone

USE TIPS: some tips to help for fast learn/know this new high tech product: 
1.Get a good 3D effect video/game. All VR requires left-right format 3D effect videos, get a brilliant one, just search "VR", you will find more than 300 virtual reality apps on Apple App Store or Google Play Store to choose, recommend Youtube/Google player/Veer/Fulldrive
2. Play the videos/games, put your cellphone into the VR phone holder and then wear it on head, adjust head band to find a best comfortable place to fix the wear band
3. Keep your cellphone at the middle of the panel(align the split screen's middle line with headset's) & align your eyes properly with the screen box to avoid blurred image.  Adjust the pupil/focus distance to get a clear watching image, we suggest focus one eye first and then another
4. Also, eyes take time to get used to it after wore on, slightly move the VR on your face will help in finding a nice view
5. Phone size in 4.7-6.0 inch with 1080P resolution ratio will get a more shocking view
6. For scientific use of eyes, we suggest to enjoy the VR no longer than 3 hours each time

Package List: 
1 x 3D VR Glasses 
1 x Remote Controller

2 x User Manual

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