What is VR

VR stands for virtual reality. These virtual reality headsets allow you to get immersed in a virtual world. Gamers especially love these when playing their favorite video games. These devices are worn over your eyes like a pair of goggles. They block out all external light and show you an image on high-definition screens in front of your eyes.

Three things are typically required to use these VR Headsets. A PC, console or smartphone to run the app or game, a headset or goggles which secure a display in front of your eyes and some kind of input such as controllers, voice, head tracking, hand tracking, trackpads, or on-device buttons.


virtual realityThe goal of the VR headsets hardware is to create what appears to be a life-size, 3D virtual environment without the boundaries we usually associate with TV or computer screens, allowing you to be immersed in a game where your point of view is your character’s point of view.
Most VR headsets track your head movement, so that wherever you look, your character looks, too. If done well, you will feel as though you are inside of the game. These headsets are not consoles on their own. They must be connected by a cable to a gaming system—a computer for the Oculus Rift, or a PlayStation 4 for Sony’s Morpheus.
It’s so cool that the screen mounted to your face follows you, unlike AR, which overlays graphics onto your view of the real world. Get out there and experience things all from the comfort of your own home. This is what VR headsets will help you do!


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